Attention: Look out for the right brand!

How to recognize the right La Tromba® product:
- manufactured by La Tromba AG
- produced in Hochdorf, Switzerland
- pay attention to the Swiss cross
- All oils and greases have a pleasent smell

with La Tromba®, your valves will run like a charm

Product label in six languages

High performance valve oil
for Piston- and Rotary valves.

Speed up your valves!

Long lasting with ideal
lubricating properties.

Exceptional brilliance through perfect cleaning.

Cleaning concentrate for the Interior of your brass instrument.

Effective cleaning for brass- and woodwind mouthpieces.

Long-lasting odour removal for instrument cases.

Precision needle for exact oiling.

The specialist for unlacquered brass instruments.

High performance key oil for woodwind and
brasswind Instruments.

...keeps metals lubricated and free of oxidation.

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Oils and Greases

Our oils and greases for valves, keys and slides of wind instruments guarantee that your instrument is always in perfect playing condition.


With La Tromba® cleaning and care products, you not only bring a perfect shine to your instrument, but also preserve it for a very long time.